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Entetainment- Renowned actor Saeed Jaffrey passes away

The renowned Bollywood entertainment actor, Saeed Jaffrey collapsed at his London home due to a brain hemorrhage, to never regain consciousness. Aged 86, he died peacefully at a London hospital in the early hours of November 14. Born in India in 1929. Jaffrey starred in many films including Gandhi and A Passage to India, and even in the TV soap opera, Coronation Street.

He had formed his own English theatre company in Delhi where he acted in various productions of Dylan Thomas, Tennessee Williams and Shakespeare. He then moved to America as a Fullbrighte scholar where he acquired his master’s degree in drama. This is where he grew into a Broadway star, playing Professor Godbole in A Passage to India with Dame Gladys Cooper.

He also acted in various West End plays in England and various productions across the country. He was widely praised for his role as Oberon in a movie called Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and for his role as Colonel Pickering in a movie My Fair Lady in Sheffield.

Jaffrey also acted with Sir Michael Caine and Sir Sean Connery in internationally successful The Man Who Would Be King. Other roles he played included The Deceivers where Pierce Brosnan was his co-star. The Millennium edition of the Guinness Book of Records listed Jaffrey as the only Indian actor to act in 18 international films besides his more than 100 Indian films.

He was part of the first Asian family to regularly feature in ITV soap Coronation Street as Ravi Desai in 1998. Jaffrey also wrote and broadcast various scripts in Urdu, Hindi and English for the BBC’s World Service.

He had also voiced all 86 characters for the 1997 World Service series, A Suitable Boy. His role in the BBC Radio Four play The Pump, where he and Sir Michael Redgrave voiced characters won him the Prix Italia. Jaffrey is the first Indian to receive the OBE in 1995 for his contributions to drama and entertainment.

With his death, Jaffrey leaves his present wife Jennifer Jaffrey and his first wife, actress and author Madhur Jaffrey and their three children. The funeral is scheduled to take place in London in a fortnight.

James Bond Success Story in ‘Spectre’

The latest James Bond flick and twenty fourth in the franchise ‘Spectre’ might just be the next movie to exceed the billion dollar mark in worldwide earnings that is if it continues with the first and second week success. The film which debuted the at the top of the box office a week ago maintained its number one spot and still topped the box office in its second week grossing $35.4 million in North America. This however was almost 50% less than the first week earnings of $70 million. It debuted worldwide this weekend and in China it had a massive debut where it grossed $48 million the biggest debut ever for a non 3D movie in China. In total the movie has already passed the half billion mark with earnings of $543.8 million making it 2015’s highest grossing film in the United Kingdom.

‘Spectre’ stars Daniel Craig as agent 007 where he has to deal with a worldwide criminal organization known as SPECTRE. This is the first time spectre has featured in Bond films since 1971 due to intellectual property lawsuits involving the name. There are also rumors that this might be his last potrayal of James Bond after doing so successfully in three previous installments; Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008) and Skyfall (2012). Despite this opening success, the film still lags the previous Bond movie Skyfall also starring Craig in North America earnings but it is still possible for it to surpass its predecessor. With this earnings however, the film has already surpassed its budget of $245 million with Sam Mendes on the director’s seat this being the second time he has directed a James bond movie since Skyfall.

Other notable stars in the film include Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Andrew Scott, Monica Belluci and former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista. It remains to be seen how the film will perform in the coming weeks but all forecasts predict it hitting a billion dollars.

University Alumni Discuss Entertainment Careers with College Students

Two successful entertainers have spoken to their university about their successful career in the entertainment industry. The two university alumni, Nikki Nanos and Angelina Fiordellisi, attended North Michigan University during the 1970s, and both have pursued successful show biz careers, and both have been awarded the Tony Award.

While speaking to the university students, they spoke about how they started their entertainment careers, and the challenges and opportunities they faced along their career paths. They also responded to queries about what challenges exists within the present entertainment industry, and how these challenges impact on the career of prospective entertainers.

The alumni provided some insight into the workings of the entertainment industry, and also gave their projections as to how the industry is developing at the moment and what can be expected in the near future. Fiordellisi implored on the students to be inspired by their successful theater appearances, and also asked them to inspire other potential actors to attempt to improve their skills in the theater.
Nanos asserted that live theaters are the best place for one to try out his or her acting skills, as well as gain experience through interactions with other actors and directors. She asked the students to constantly learn and come up with unique performances that would enrich their plays as well as captivate their audience.

Nikki Nanos has been scheduled to have another theater class on Tuesday next week, where it is expected that she will provide the students with a much deeper insight concerning the workings of the movie industry, as well as advise them on the best standards of practice in the industry at the moment.

Despite the fact that Nikki Nanos and Angelina Fiordellisi are alumni at the University, their return to address other budding actors testifies to a strong bond that the University builds between the institution itself on one hand, and its students and alumni on the other hand.

Nikki has been in the movie industry, especially renowned from her role in the series, Walker Texas Ranger more than a decade ago and more. She also doubles up as a trainer, seminar leader and professional speaker.As for Angelina, the Detroit, Michigan born actor and enthusiast is well renowned for her role in movies such as “Where The Heart Is” and a number of TV shows in her biography as an actress. She is also the founder of the Cherry Lane Theater Company and has claimed a good number of awards in the entertainment scene.